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Posted on: 11/30/17
As specified, the Old Gods might return as the "Enormous BADS" in the following extension. Not exclusively is N'Zoth mulling undersea and whipping the Naga/Queen Azshara into a free for wow Warmane gold, but at the same time there's C'Thun, the Old God thought crushed in Silithus path back in Vanilla Time. A few lines of exchange where Khadgar is addressing the player character have been datamined from the present beta rendition. He talks about an "injury in Silithus" that could "fate all of us". The injury, he additionally grows, was made by a solitary drop of Sargeras' blood. Curiously, datamined screenshots of the injury appear to take after the Eye of C'Thun, one of the Old Gods that was detained underneath Silithus and thought crushed. This appears to demonstrate that, the same number of have theorized, the Old Gods will become possibly the most important factor, not as single elements, but rather maybe as a brought together power. 

Those are the most encouraging hypotheses out there wow Warmane gold, all interlaced and all sensible. However, they're a long way from the main things that players have theorized on for the following extension. Here are two or three others.


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